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Biohazard Management Has Many Faces

By October 2, 2018February 26th, 2019Blog

Society has been cleaning up our dead since Cain and Able but in 1993 a small company in Blue Springs, MO started an industry by being the first company to dedicate these services of “Bio Cleaning” as they called it. So, for many years this work was designated by bio cleaning. Then another company started in 1995 and they called the industry Crime and Trauma Scene Cleanup and it is this phrase that has been the most prevalent. Shortly after in 1996 a company started on the East Coast of the United States and called the industry bio recovery and this too has had its following. In more recent years as the different factions came together biohazard management seemed to be the title most want to hang their shingle under for more than a decade but now another term has emerged, “Forensic Restoration.” This last term…although not predominant as yet, also has seen quite a bit of use. The many faces of the forensic restoration industry has seemingly been a mystery, as most industries usually end up with one title that most can point to after 25 years. The problem of having many names I believe stems from the many aspects of “Forensic Restoration Industry.” They at times touch law enforcement, the funeral industry, the structure restoration industry, infection control, and the general public as consumers, even terrorism from biological weapons. Further, they remediate from all sorts of trauma related crime incidents, such as, homicides, altercations, break-ins, and others such as, teargas, clandestine meth-lab, and drug houses. “Crime and trauma scene cleaners” are types of companies who remediate from trauma related suicides, unattended death scenes, or, home or business related accidents, they even touch the medical industry through their work sanitizing structures, such as, residents, commercial structures, educational facilities, correctional facilities, transportation, places of leisure, and the like from infections. These infections can be C. diff; MRSA, VRE, Norovirus (cruise ship virus) AIDS, HIV, Hepatitis and flu outbreaks and these mentioned are just the common infections they fight. This industry also does the bulk of hoarding syndrome cleanup. When Crime Scene Cleaners, LLC of Kansas City chose the name of their company all of this was still a burgeoning industry known by the name “Crime Scene Cleaners.” No matter what the name of the company is…all of the above work stated is what we do here at Crime Scene Cleaners of Kansas City. From time to time people ask us, how can we do this work each and every day? Our answer is
simple…Each and every day we go to work, is an opportunity to help a person, family and/or community. Our motto is “no one should be victimized twice.” If you need help with any of the services stated above or a job that no one wants to do, please call Crime Scene Cleaners, LLC of Kansas City at 1-800-909-2939, we always stand ready to help.

By Don M. McNulty, MBT AT- OSHA, MTC ©COPYRIGHT 2018