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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the Crime Scene Cleaner's availability?

We provide our services throughout the entire state of Missouri and Kansas.  We operate 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.  We can be called anytime.

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What is your complete roster of services?

The types of services we offer regarding biohazard remediation can be anything from homicide, suicides, unattended deaths accidents regarding workplace injury or others. We also provide hoarding and trash out services for many clients – also disinfection ,infection control, remediation.

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What sets Crime Scene Cleaners apart from other cleaning companies?

We differentiate ourselves more from how we approach the entire industry. We have a belief that we minister the people in not so much a religious sense but the word means to helping others. We look for people who have a servant’s heart. The owner and myself have a servant’s heart.

What sets Crime Scene Cleaners apart from most others is the level of care compassion and peace of mind we provide to our clients. We designed our processes and protocols to be the most efficient in the industry. We do this by working efficiently so you can focus on the next steps ahead.

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What is your process like?

Once our crew arrives on site and properly Dawns their PPE, they perform what’s called a jobsite assessment – identifying any potential hazards or threats. After that, set up – what is called containment or negative air zones to prevent any cross-contamination. During this process, it’s a lot like an onion where we have to peel back layers of affected areas until all contamination is properly remediated.

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How much of the insurance process do you handle for your client?

Yes, we can assist with the claims process. We are well-versed in the verbiage needed to help file a claim and anything thereafter regarding the loss. We deal with the adjusters after the initial call is made to us from that time, until usually when the check arrives.

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How do you treat the customer's privacy?

We are very discreet in how we approach the work. We take a long measures to make sure that we don’t talk to the press we don’t speak to neighbors. We don’t discuss the work at all to anyone also we maintain our discretion. Out of respect we do not talk to anybody that are clients have not instructed us to talk to. We take your privacy very seriously. Our concern is just the care of our client.

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How is the communication on the day-to-day process of the jobs?

When we arrive and meet with the client we walk them through every step that is going to be taken so far as we know it. If any of that changes due to further damage that we can’t see from the beginning we make sure that that is communicated beforehand as we go through our work.

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Is your staff highly trained?

We go to quite an extensive training. We are regulated by OSHA on the rules of sanitization. All of our technicians are well trained on how to set up the site and to keep themselves safe and then set up containment to be able to keep the rest of the structure safe as well.

We mainly train our technicians in house which is required that they have to be trained in certain regulations such as the blood born pathogen rule, wearing PPE properly and being able to take it on and off without cross-contamination, a respirator Rule and hazardous chemical training as well. Our staff and technicians that are on site follow all OSHA and EPA regulated guidelines.

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How do you handle biowaste?

We handle our biowaste through a biowaste management company and it is that company’s responsibility to dispose of the waste according to regulations. All of our cleanup methods are environmentally safe and sound. Not only are our protocols designed to be safe but the chemicals that we use are biodegradable and won’t do any harm to the environment or to human beings and still do other efficient job

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How long do cleanup projects typically take?

Unfortunately it’s very hard to to determine how long a typical job may take. There are very different scenarios on every type of job that we do. Some may take days and some may take hours.

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