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We are now seven to eight months into the Covid 19 Pandemic here in the United States. I have now been through four pandemics. After my second pandemic, I developed a saying, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) actually stands for the Center of Dysfunction and Confusion.

I know it seems harsh, but it is not their fault. During these trying times at the start of a pandemic or epidemic, everyone is clamoring for information on coping with whatever bug is attacking humans or animals. The problem is science takes time. Data has to be compiled and researched, which leads to studies that have to be developed and conducted in a certain way, then those findings have to be analyzed to more refined studies to be conducted. Depending on their findings, they will then attempt to develop a scientific assumption that you and I can use to handle the disease facing humanity.

No matter what happens, there are six things you and I can do to reduce the likelihood of becoming infected. These six-steps are suitable to reduce the likelihood of catching a cold or flu too.

  • Washing your hands thoroughly and regularly. Well established studies have shown 80% of colds and flu transmit through hand contact, and 97% of adults do not wash their hands properly.
  • Clean and sanitize your surfaces. To clean, you need to use a product with a soap molecule, a product classified as a cleanser. Next, you need to use a disinfectant being both bactericidal and virucidal, using the proper dwell-time (wet contact time) on the surface before you wipe it off. (Do not use bleach), Why not bleach? Bleach is a strong oxidizer, not a disinfectant. Will it disinfect? Yes, when mixed with water at one part bleach to ten parts water, but no one tells you bleach damages every surface it touches, including your white clothes, and that it needs to be thoroughly rinsed after applying to any surface. Bleach will also begin to bleach out every surface where it is used. It takes the color out of Formica® (plastic laminate) and will bleach out almost every textile.)
  • Stay at home if you are sick. Every cold and flu will shed while you are feverish and symptomatic. Staying home will help keep others safe.
  • Avoid close contact. At home or work, we usually have close contact with family and co-workers. It’s this proximity, especially with longer contact times, that will spread the disease quickly.
  • Cover your mouth and nose while coughing or sneezing. As we’ve seen with Covid, coughing and sneezing spread the disease to other surfaces quickly. Depending on what virus or bacteria you’re shedding, it will be hard to contain since even speaking contains droplets we deposit everywhere.
  • Avoid wild or domestic animals. Why animals? Studies have shown that animals can carry and transmit diseases. Wild animals may be infected while domesticated animals like our dogs and cats and carry disease particles on their fur, and when we pet them, the disease can then transfer to us. (This is called a zoonotic transfer).

These six practices are a silver lining to the Covid Pandemic because these practices will give you and others healthier life.

Should you need help to clean and disinfect your business during this Covid Pandemic or any looming flu or cold event, we can offer a disinfection service that can short-circuit your place of business becoming a vector point for infection. Call Crime Scene cleaners of Kansas City 816-808-7642 Missouri or 913-808-7642 Kansas. You may find our website at